Podcast - Mr. Petrolhead


It’s the end of September 2019 and we are just two weeks away from the La Carrera Panamericana 2019. Two weeks from today we’ll be racing from Oaxaca to Vera Cruz. I can’t wait to be there. 

The last two months have been filled with preparations for this year’s race. While my brother Chris has been working with our lead mechanic, Tim Ritchie at Vintage Racing Services to get The Mezcalero ready to race, I’ve been working on route books, logistics, and everything else. And that brings me today’s guest. 

Mr. Petrolhead is a motorsports photographer from Puebla, Mexico. His journalistic style focuses on the story of racing, not just the beauty of the car, but the drama of the race and the human dynamics of the team. He has joined the Driving La Carrera team as our Media Producer for the 2019 Carrera and we are extremely lucky to have him. 

I sat down with Mr Petrolhead to talk about about how he got started and how he approaches his work. I even got him to give his predictions for 2019 Formula 1 Championship. 

See his photography on Instagram @mrpetrolheadmx

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