Driving La Carrera T-Shirts

Driving La Carrera t-shirt of our 1965 Volvo Amazon rally car.

After racing our first Carrera Panamericana in 2018 our friend Rene Ranachilanga made these awesome t-shirts for our team that feature our 1965 Volvo Amazon rally car.

Rene and I met online back in 2017 while I was researching photos of past Carreras. I was look for photos of our car from the 2011 rally when it was raced by the original owner. Rene had photos of our car which he was kind enough to let us use. Rene is a photographer, film director, and race mechanic. Check out his YouTube channel for his latest projects.

If you want your own Driving La Carrera t-shirt you can buy one here.

La CarreraJeff Mason